PV2018 Accepted Papers

PaperID / Authors, Title

3001 / A. Zare, A. Aminlou, M. Hannuksela, 6K Effective Resolution with 4K HEVC Decoding Capability for OMAF-compliant 360° Video Streaming

3002 / S. Arisu, A. Begen, Quickly Starting Media Streams Using QUIC

3003 / J. Schneider, M. Bläser, M. Wien, Sparse Coding based Frequency Adaptive Loop Filtering for Video Coding

3004 / C. Hollmann, R. Sjöberg, Guided Transcoding Using Deflation and Inflation

3005 / M. Hosseini, C. Timmerer, Dynamic Adaptive Point Cloud Streaming

3006 / S. D’aronco, P. Frossard, A Bayesian Bandit Approach to Adaptive Delay-based Congestion Control

3007 / A. Trattnig, C. Timmerer, C. Mueller, Investigation of YouTube regarding Content Provisioning for HTTP Adaptive Streaming

3008 / S. Silva, J. Bruneau-Queyreix, M. Lacaud, D. Négru, L. Réveillère, MUSLIN: Achieving High, Fairly Shared QoE Through Multi-Source Live Streaming

3009 / R. Mekuria, C. Kylili, A. Wagenaar, D. Griffioen, Performance Assessment and Improvement of the Video Streaming Backend with Cloud Storage and On-the-fly Format Conversion

3010 / N. Barman, S. Schmidt, S. Zadtootaghaj, M. Martini, S. Möller, An Evaluation of Video Quality Assessment Metrics for Gaming Video Streaming

3011 / G. Xylomenos, A. Phinikarides, I. Doumanis, X. Vasilakos, Y. Thomas, D. Trossen, M. Georgiades, S. Porter, IPTV Over ICN

3012 / Y. Reznik, K. Lillevolf, A. Jagannath, J. Greer, J. Corley, Optimal Design of Encoding Profiles for ABR Streaming

3013 / D. Naik, I. Curcio, H. Toukomaa, Optimized Viewport Dependent Streaming of Stereoscopic Omnidirectional Video